EEA Grants Sozopol Foundation

About the project

The project "Sozopol – preserved cultural heritage and cultural identity through the ages" with beneficiary Sozopol Municipality and partner Sozopol Foundation is essential for the sustainable development of tourism industry in the area. The building "Thracian Khan", an object of the present project is very suitable for transformation into ethnographic museum presenting the lifestyle, traditions and culture of the natives living in the area. There are exhibits in the museum related to local crafts practiced for thousands of years ehich determine the appearance of the life and culture of the polis of Apollonia – Sozopol – fishing, wine and salt, metal production and metalworking, logging and wood processing, construction, pottery, textiles, clothing and other.

The project implementation is of great importance for the development of museum deed and cultural tourism not only in the city itself but also in other villages of the municipality of Sozopol and in the Bourgas region, which is the largest and most saturated in Southeast Bulgaria in number registered in the archaeological map of Bulgaria cultural values of all historical times. Together with existing now museums and museum collections – Municipal Archaeological Museum and Art Gallery and Architectural and historic complex "Southern Fortress Wall and Tower" – a museum established by the partner in this project – Sozopol Foundation, the Ethnographic Museum is and will be attractive centre for scientific, cultural and other special events nationally and internationally, of which the city often is host. It contributes to a bright manifestation and recognition in today's modern world of cultural identity of the population in the region.